Atlanta has been hot for years when it comes to younger hip-hop acts while still welcoming different styles and sounds from artists both old and new. Bali Baby, a 21-year-old rapper from ATL, has the high-pitched, easily excitable voice of a pop singer and the bars of a cocky, trap rapper. The mix clearly works; one glance at the numbers on videos like "Banana Clip" and "Amber Alert" show that Bali has figured something out in terms of her success. Coming off her 2018 horror-themed project, Resurrection, Bali stops by XXL to drop a freestyle for our What I Do series.

Bali Baby has taken her own route in the game and is clearly winning with it, so of course, she can't just roll with anyone. "I cannot trust you, put you to the test/Fix yourself, girl, you lookin' a mess/I need some Raid to get rid of the pests/Who better than me, baby, I am the best," she rattles off early. "Shining clean just like I'm using Crest/Talking shit, we send shots at yo' neck/I'ma dog, baby, where is the vet?" comes soon after.

Never forget though, it's all about the bread: "Making money in the morning is my cereal, not talking money than I am not/Expensive fabric, baby, check the material."

Her cadence and style prove Bali Baby is a natural with the rhymes. "The first time I went to the studio, I knew after that, this is what I wanted to do," she shares with XXL. That moment took place in 2016, and she already has more than six projects to her name, including the pop-focused Baylor Swift and previously-mentioned Resurrection. "Resurrection is a whole bunch of different songs," she explains. "It's songs from [2017], songs that I made last year. A few months after Baylor Swift, I was like, OK, I wanna drop hip-hop. I wanna drop some hard shit for the streets."

Super-busy Bali (she does her own cover art, merch and leads the creative direction for her videos) will hit the road for her Playhouse Tour in a few weeks and keep working on the multiple projects she has on ice. You never know what's next for this rising ATL rapper.

Watch Bali Baby freestyle up top.

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