If you want to smoke weed in the open, don't mess with Texas. Paul Wall and Baby Bash recently learned the hard way as they were arrested on Friday morning (Dec. 23) on felony drug charges, after police carried out a search warrant on a home the two were in. According to Bash, the whole situation was blown out of proportion.

BB recently chopped it up with TMZ, and explained the situation. "I gotta learn how to balance out living in California and Texas, because I have a medical marijuana company in California and when I come to Texas I tend to smoke a lot of marijuana," he said.

"All it was, was a little smoke out that got bigger than it should have been," he further explained. "People had edibles and people had dabs. There were no drugs. They tried to make it like we were big druggies, but it was all marijuana and THC. So I want people to know, it was basically me and Paul were smoking some tree. I guess in Texas they don't play that as much as Cali and Colorado. They arrested us."

Despite the big deal made over something he sees as small, Bash said he and Wall were treated with dignity while in lockup, which is a big difference from the time they got arrested in 2011 for pot. "Even when we were locked up, we were taking pictures with the police, with everybody. And they even said, 'Bash, it's gone be legal here in four years.' I said, 'I know, but me and Paul are on the front lines, trying to get it here sooner,'" he said.

Check out the entire video, above.

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