Following the death of Lil Peep, Azizi Gibson posted a video on Snapchat calling for an end to the pill-popping culture.

"Stop letting this fucking popping pills culture take away good people, who just needed somebody to talk to," the rapper said. "Don't let these fucking rappers convince you that they're not about some drug when it's in their name."

Azizi then went on to explain a situation with a younger cousin of his who revealed to him that he began taking Xanax because of his favorite rapper. "Had a lil' fucking cousin of mine fucking come to me and say, 'Oh, yeah, I did a few Xans here and there because my favorite rapper talks about it all the time,'" he said. "So there's nothing you can tell me. It's a fucking poisonous culture and this shit needs to stop."

The rapper also called out a number of artists, claiming they have a social responsibility to tell fans what's right or wrong. "And artists are hilarious," Azizi continued. "Artists have social responsibilities to let people and everyone know right or wrong and they don't. You wanna know something funny? I done met all your favorite artists and really, 65 to 75 percent of them are assholes who don't give a fuck about anything, especially you."

On Wednesday night (Nov. 15), Long Island rapper Lil Peep passed away at the age of 21. "I've been expecting this call for a year. Mother fuck," the rapper's manager, Chase Ortega, wrote in a tweet. "I do not believe Peep wanted to die, this is so tragic," added First Access Entertainment CEO Sarah Stennett.

While an official cause of death has yet to be revealed, the medical examiner in Pima County, Arizona says Peep died because of a suspected overdose. It will be another six to eight weeks, however, before they get the toxicology results to cull a definitive cause of death from.

Check out Gibson's Snapchat video below, as well as his comments on Peep's passing.

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