After weeks of investigation, a Staten Island grand jury cleared NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo yesterday (Dec. 3) for the chokehold death of Eric Garner, even though his death was labeled a homicide by the New York City Medical Examiner. Ultimately, Pantaleo was not indicted and dismissed of all potential charges. With the upsetting Mike Brown verdict still on everyone's mind, tension rang high for millions across the country. The media, celebrities, and concerned citizens alike took to social media and the streets to vent their frustration towards the crooked U.S. judicial system.

Twitter to let her fans know how disgusted she was with the mistreatment of Black lives in America. Initially expressing heart felt messages towards Black youth, urging anyone with Black ancestry to get in touch with their roots, educate themselves. She even helplessly questioned "why does this country want us to hate ourselves so much?" The Harlem rapper then set her eyes on her favorite target, Iggy Azalea.