The guys of Audio Push have been pushing out tons of new material for fans all year, and now the Interscope signees are dropping their brand new album, Last Lights Left. The new project contains 12 tracks of new sounds from the hip-hop duo, without any other guest features.

Oktane and Price not only drop off the new album for their supporters, but they also deliver an 11-minute documentary that take us through their journey from their humble beginnings, to reaching high success in the music industry over the past few years. The video shows the two in different settings with family members, before they eventually show us around Eastside Park, where Oktane reveals he actually met Price for the first time back in the day. The location set off an amazing friendship, leading the two to hop in the studio together to continuously make music.

This past month, the producing pair released a slew of videos and new songs to give fans a preview of what's to come on Last Lights Left. They dropped the music video for "Stay," as well as "Planet Earth Is Live." Back in January, they also unveiled their new track "Letter2U," which is not on their new project.

Take a listen to Last Lights Left and watch the coinciding documentary for the album below. You can also purchase it on iTunes.

Audio Push's Last Lights Left Tracklist

1. "Last Lights Left"
2. "God Speed"
3. "Victory (More Wins)"
4. "Planet Earth Is Live"
5. "Window Seat"
6. "Big Bets"
7. "Soledad Story"
8. "The Gamble"
9. "Stay"
10. "Grits"
11. "Rodney's House"
12. "Save the Sinners"

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