When Beyonce dropped her self-titled debut with no prior warning in December of 2013, it was seen as a daring move, one that endeared the singer to fans by circumventing the massive music industry apparatus. At the time, however, it was viewed as something that only a superstar could pull off, something that required a massive built-in fan base and the kind of popularity you can only get with stadium tours and HBO documentaries. But in the two-plus years since, the strategy has been employed by everyone from comparable stars like Rihanna to upstarts like Young Thug. Now, the practice has spread to the West coast.

Late yesterday afternoon (Jan. 31), the duo Audio Push dropped Inside the Vibe, a new nine-song EP that comes without little in the way of pomp and circumstance. The pair are currently hard at work on The Stone Junction, the EP that will mark their debut on Interscope, the major label to which they recently signed. Inside the Vibe is designed as a holdover to sate fans while they wait for that; it comes complete with alternate cover art that features Kip from the early 2000s cult film Napoleon Dynamite.

The pair recently appeared alongside heavy hitters Rick Ross, Trae Tha Truth and T.I.; over the past handful of years, they've distinguished themselves as one of the brightest up-and-coming acts from the left half of the country. Stay tuned to XXL for further news on their official retail work.

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