Last month, Aston Matthews dropped a track titled "Coldest Night in Hell" produced by Velous. The Los Angeles rapper revisits the song for a new music video, which depicts a young boy making some life-changing decisions. The dark visuals accentuate the grim tale of the street life in L.A.

"Coldest Night in the Hell" is supposed to appear on Matthews' long awaited Chapovelli album. The Cali rhymer has been working on it since last year, when he spoke to XXL about its progress.

"It's starting to pick up now because I've been coming out [to New York] now and working with more people," he said. "This kid Velous, that's my bro. Last time I was here a month ago I locked in with him for like three days straight and knocked out three songs that were all so much better than what I was doing. So I had to weed out a lot of the music that I had, because I probably had 15, 17 joints and I had to chop that down 'cause it's at a new level. A level I feel like I need to maintain now. I have high expectations for my shit and I'm real picky. That's one thing. I'll hold on to music forever; I've held onto most of these songs for the past year. People are like, 'Drop it, drop it,' but I'm straight."

No release date has been announced, so fans can only hope that 2017 marks the arrival of Chapovelli.

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