Asher Roth was a guest on Reddit’s Ask Me Anything Session in support of the release of his sophomore LP RetroHash. He answered fans questions about RetroHash, working with Kid Cudi and has he ever consider on growing a beard.

Check out some selected Q&A’s from the AMA session.



My question to you is: Since your XXL cover with artists like Wale, you've gone the route of the indie/alternative artist, whereas some THA CANNON!CANNON!CANNON! of your peers have chosen major label careers. Would you consider a major label move at some point THA CANNON!!! in the future (ie: Knowingly-Ignant club rap) to build up your bank account? Or are you cool just doing you [REWIND FOR NO REASON] Or are you cool just doing you until the foreseeable future, regardless of income opportunities?the cannon! THA CANNON!!CANNON!

Hahahaha! This is amazing and appreciate seeing this in text form. Noted!

I'm going to do my thing for now and see where it takes me. I don't shun the major label system in it's entirety...artists just need to know what they're getting into and make sure they have bulldogs in the building that are fighting for them every step of the way.


What is the best part about going independent, apposed to your former label.

And, do you plan on doing a tour now that RetroHash is out? (If so, please come to Milwaukee!)

Amazing! Really look forward to getting back to Milwaukee. Hoping to be a part of Summerfest soon!

The best part of being independent is easily the lack of interference and need for permission. Do what you want when you want! The downside is not having a lot money to work with but I feel like that forces you to be more creative and ultimately inspires the coolest stuff. It definitely isn't easy but if you're willing to do the work and have a vision it is very rewarding!


What does the Hook in "Pull it" mean?

It's the moment when you decide to do it. That split second "pull the trigger" moment after contemplation...


Do you have any work with Kid Cudi planned or unreleased?

The All City Chess Club was a better idea than action. Hard to get all those agendas in one place at one time.

No work with Cudi yet but he and I seem to be mission aligned.


Hey Asher, I'm a huge fan and pumped to toss a couple questions your way.

  1. Having followed your career for a while, I've heard about a lot of unreleased projects. I.E. Tracks with Pharrell, Is This Too Orange?, Whatever "Last Man Standing" was supposed to be off of. Is there a project that you wish would have come to a more substantial fruition?
  2. Who's one of your favorite hip hop artist on the rise? Having been in the game for a while, I assume you have some opinions on developing talent.
  3. Will there ever be a Pabst and Jazz Vol. 2. (It's one of my favorite mixtapes of all time, so I'm hoping.)
  4. Will you tour RetroHash nationally? Maybe Kansas?

I don't really have a project that I wish would've came to fruition mainly because what's meant to be will be. I'm sure I'll be able to release some joints...always good to have some in the stash for the post humous album! Can't really get caught on past snags. Gotta keep it moving!

I dig what those Chicago kids are doing. Vic, Chance the Save Money Army. They're talented, having fun and understand the power of music.

I doubt there will be a Vol 2 to Pabst and Jazz. For the most part, although treated like a mixtape, that was kind of an LP! All original production.

Definitely hitting the road to perform RetroHash live!


Will we ever hear any tracks that were created for the Spaghetti Tree/Is This Too Orange or are they lost in the hands of some label forever? G.R.I.N.D. is still one of my fav tracks

Man, I can't tell you how much the record G.R.I.N.D. means to me. We even had a remix with B.o.B. that was fresh. That record really was the "Pull It" moment I'm talking about above where I said...'I gotta get out of this major label system.' There's some really fun records that have been recorded with Pharrell, Oren, Organized Noize that I really hope see the light of the day. Soundcloud is a beautiful thing....;)


Do you plan on doing any more work with Spitta? I think I speak for everyone in saying that the Jet Life community would highly praise a Curren$y x Asher Roth x Harry Fraud project.

Curren$y and I have very similar perspectives on life which is why I needed him on 'Dude.' And Harry Fraud and I have killer hair. So I don't think it would be too far fetched to see future collaborations between all 3 of us...


Have you considered adding a beard to the already awesome flow? You know, nothing big or anything but I think a nice, five o'clock shadow could really add to it.

Haha maaan, one must know their limitations. My beard game is not strong therefore I refrain from partaking in any serious commitment.


Are you still friends with Brain, Boyder, and wreckineyez??! I would stay up hours watching boydercams. It's making me sad seeing you guys drift apart :(.

Absolutely. Relationships like that never end but real life just gets in the way sometimes. When I moved to NY and now LA it wasn't as convenient like when we all lived across the street from each other in West Chester. Or when we lived together in Atlanta. Which is what made those Boydercam videos so timeless. They were genuine moment captures which depicted genuine friendships which I feel like people could relate to. Those are my brothers. Wreckineyez is still my DJ. Brain and I were on the phone for an hour yesterday talking about everything and Boyd and I still laugh weekly. I feel like when relationships get tested by distance and time is when they really become real.


When will we get a sequel to The Rawth EP, ..the Rawther EP?

Soon. Very soon. Nottz is currently concocting his new studio.


On the new album could you give a bit of insight on two songs and where they came from on a personal level? Be Right and Pull it?

Thanks for line. Giving up is definitely the easy way out.

'Be Right' kinda touches on all that. I felt like I needed to share that personal experience of growth with my audience. Very similar to "Falling" on AITBA. "Pull It" has a lot to do with relationships of all kinds. I want(ed) to leave it open for interpretation but it has a lot to do with making a decision and sticking to it.


What is the maximum amount of tacos you could eat at one time?

I mean what kind of tacos are we talking here? Chicken, al pastor, carne asada? Is this lunch or dinner? Time limit?


What's your favorite video game?

off top: Twisted Metal, Tony Hawk 2, Kid Chameleon and Ninja Turtles Arcade....Galaga is fun too but I'm awful.


what track off of retrohash are you most proud of?

Hard to pick considering they all compliment eachother. However, "Fast Life" opened up my world as I finally was able to tell someone else's story. I look forward to doing more of that in the future as this life isn't all about me...


Hey Asher! Huge fan. Why did you grow your hair long?

PS are your mario kart skills still outrageous?

I really started to grow my hair long to have a ridiculous driver's license photo. Then I kept growing so I could donate it. Now I just have long hair which will be cool when I'm older to look at photos and be like...yeah I did it.

Mario Kart skills will always be outrageous. Much stronger on the 64 than the Wii tho.


What would you be doing now, if you never had a rap career

Wow. I'd probably be an elementary school teacher somewhere. Imagine that.


What is a Flohican man?

It is a lyricist who is one with the world

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