A$AP Nast isn't one to hesitate in calling someone out for jacking his style or that of the A$AP Mob, and in an Instagram post early Friday morning, Nast did just that, accusing streetwear brand Supreme of copying his designs. The source of Nasty Baby's frustration is a recent North Face Steep Tech line that Supreme just let loose. The images, one of which is included below, bare a resemblance, Nast claims, to similar products he designed a year ago.

The above caption is lengthy, but Nast thanks those who supported his designs and attempts to clear the air on the potential bite came to be. "This is why I get so mad when some of young kids will comment on my photos of me wearing supreme and say that I am a hype beast or a poser and that’s simply because some of your fav designs from supreme 2015 into this year was designed by yours truly and I haven’t gotten a penny from them at all," he writes. "And I’m more then sure there is a lot more people under the same umbrella as me who design things for them and don’t receive a penny."

Nast then clarifies that he isn't intending to try and take Supreme down, but rather wants to bring attention to the design theft to "let the people know what's going on with them so this way your aware that brand you hold up so high don't barely have original designs of their own."

The Supreme and North Face Steep Tech jackets come in black and white and red and black colorways, but the multi-colored design below is likely Nast's largest piece evidence.

Nast also posted other designs he pitched to the popular streetwear brand and instances where Supreme released pieces that look like the rapper's sketches. Check out the MC's muckraking below.

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