While a rapper such as Lil Yachty would be quick to disagree, studying 2Pac’s legendary catalog is part of the rite of passage towards becoming a respectable MC. After all, you never know when you’ll be called to perform an iconic artist’s hit single -- Rich Homie Quan learned the hard way.

Throughout the past two decades of hip-hop history, countless artists have cited 2Pac as their biggest source of inspiration. The West Coast visionary's legacy is so impactful that his influence transcends genre, with artists such as Justin Bieber even trying their hand at covering some of his songs.

While paying a proper homage to an artist such as ‘Pac is not an easy feat, it certainly makes for an interesting challenge that we can only trust the rapper would be smiling about if he were still alive today. Kendrick Lamar, a fellow Left Coast native, honored the late rhymer during an iHeart Music Awards performance  in 2014, when he chose "California Love." Pac would've been proud. Cypress Hill also selected the 1995 track to cover when they hit the stage for a show in 2007.

From K. Dot to Cypress Hill and more, take a look at 10 artists offering their best attempts at covering some staples from 2Pac’s coveted discography.

  • 1

    Lil Wayne Covers “Hail Mary”

  • 2

    Kendrick Lamar Covers "California Love"

  • 3

    J. Cole Covers “I Ain't Mad at Cha”

  • 4

    Cypress Hill Covers “California Love”

  • 5

    Nas Covers “Keep Ya Head Up”

  • 6

    Snoop Dogg Covers “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted”

  • 7

    Mac Miller Covers “Thugz Mansion”

  • 8

    Jhene Aiko Covers “Keep Ya Head Up”

  • 9

    Justin Bieber Covers “Thugz Mansion”

  • 10

    Thick as Thieves Cover "Hail Mary"