Arin Ray is a Cincinnati-bred singer who got his first brush with fame as a contestant on the reality show The X Factor in 2012. After being eliminated from the show, Arin adjusted his focus, and came away with songwriting credits for songs by Chris Brown, Jason Derulo, Rick Ross and more. Now more accomplished and as an Interscope Records signee, Arin dropped his debut EP, Phases, in 2016, then followed up with Platinum Fire in 2018. His new video, the YG-assisted "We Ain't Homies" is a single from that EP, featuring both artists reflecting on former friends.

Directed by Dad, the black-and-white visual starts with Arin walking through a park. Normal enough, right? Until it becomes clear that someone is holding onto his ankle, and Arin is dragging him along. He shakes free of his metaphorical dead weight, and gets into a car. Along the way, he picks up YG, who then goes into his verse.

Now that his life is starting to turn the corner, Arin surely won't forget his doubters. "Get my racks up/You a non-fucking factor," he sings, searingly. "I done past ya/I done came a long way since The X Factor."

YG has been in the public eye over the last few days, as he's a featured artist on two new videos. First, he's in the visual for his collab with Belly and DJ Mustard "4 Days." More recently, YG and Offset joined 2 Chainz for the video to their song "Proud," featuring all three of the artists' mothers.

Check out Arin Ray and YG's "We Ain't Homies" video below.

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