Last week, AraabMuzik was shot twice in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City. He was reportedly hit once in the arm and once in the jaw with a bullet grazing his head, but judging by a picture he shared of himself recently, it looks like he also caught one in the chest.

It looks like a serious wound, so the Providence, RI producer is probably counting his blessings as he lays up in Harlem Hospital recovering. Swizz Beatz visited him recently to show support for the Dipset affiliate.

This is the second time that the 26-year-old producer, born Abraham Orellana, has been shot. The first time was in 2013 during a botched armed robbery.

James Malloy, a 32-year-old friend of Orellana’s, was also shot in the right leg and is in stable condition.

The two were shot inside the ProPark America parking garage on West 125th St. at around 7 PM last week (Feb. 25).

Sources tell the Daily News that they were just leaving a friend’s house when they headed towards the garage, where AraabMuzik jumped in behind the wheel of his friend’s BMW.

As they drove toward the garage’s exit, two men approached the car, and one pretended that AraabMuzik had dropped something, sources say. When the window was rolled down, shots were fired. Police found three .380 caliber shell casings at the scene.

AraabMuzik made his name as a Dipset affiliate before branching out into the EDM world and expanding his sound. In 2015 he told NPR, “I have so much music, it doesn’t make sense. I gotta just stop letting, you know, putting stuff out because not all of that stuff’s gonna be heard or get used. So I gotta cater to the fans and kind of put a lot of projects out and stuff like that. Like I’ma be working on an EDM project now. Real soon, I’ma put a little EP together. A lot of original stuff so that way these people can see that, you know, I can really do this.”

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