Jody Highroller's team does not deal in nuance. Questionably medicated kids who run onstage while RiFF RaFF is performing are dealt with swiftly and without mercy, as they probably should be--just consult the latest video evidence. At a recent show, a concertgoer successfully scaled the stage wall and started dancing around while the neon icon himself was rapping his song "Dolce and Gabbana." After RiFF came into brief contact with the fan, members of his security detail charged the kid, picking him up and throwing him sideways back onto the floor. It was quick, efficient and uncomplicated.

Potential legal repercussions aside, RiFF may have to start trying his hand at these ejections himself if he wants to live up to his potential in the WWE ring. If his physical fitness regimen continues to be as effective as the rapper claims, he could be throwing eager fans of his back into the abyss in no time at all. As part of his recommitment to his health and well being, RiFF excised from his life most drugs and alcohol, choosing instead to work out obsessively, often with Starbucks in tow. For more on his bizarre and wonderful fitness schedule, watch this: