Anderson .Paak takes his talents to national television once again. On Thursday night (May 24), the talented rapper-singer took the stage to perform his new single, "Bubblin," on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He brought his group, The Free Nationals, along with him.

In an interesting nod to the title of his new single, .Paak had a ton of translucent balloons brought onto the stage for his performance. Throughout his set, those balloons, which resemble bubbles, are bounced up and down around the crowd as the 2016 XXL Freshman delivers his lyrics over The Free Nationals' live rendering of the AntMan Wonder and Jahlil Beats-produced beat.

"Yeah, one in the hand, one in the bag, bubblin'/Look at the cash, look at the cash comin' in/Come get your mans, this lil' nigga buggin' me," he raps over the jittery beat.

For their part, the audience we see in the video is definitely into the performance, even allowing the California-bred artist to crowd surf. All in all, it's an appropriately energetic performance for a track that feels like a roller coaster.

"Bubblin," which made XXL's Best Songs of the Week list last week, is a track you should be hearing a lot of in the near future.

Watch .Paak and The Free Nationals' awesome performance for yourself below.

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