Less than two months after debuting his Can’t Be A__Here EP series back in August, Amir Obè is back with the next installment. Today (Oct. 12), the Def Jam artist releases the second EP in the series, aptly titled Can’t Be A__Here: Chapter 2.

Last week, he delivered "Bloodshot," a smooth banger that details him losing his mind while trying to stay sane. In addition, he dropped two more new songs, each of which find the rapper-singer going solo. The Detroit-raised, Brooklyn-bred Obè also released an eight-minute short film accompanying the tracks “Romeo” and “Juliet,” created by Sebastian Sdaigui.

Much like the title suggests, the short film follows the tale of two star-crossed lovers, updating Shakespeare’s classic storyline to today’s day and age. For example, in this version, the rivaling families are two different gangs and the grand ball is actually a house party.

Amir Obè is leaning toward a cinematic atmosphere with this new project, shaped by the production of his longtime producer NYLZ. The new EP series marks Obè’s first release since 2017’s, None of the Clocks Work. The third and final chapter of the three-chapter project is set to be released sometime later this year.

Take a listen to Amir Obè’s Can’t Be A__Here: Chapter 2 and check out the short film below.

Amir Obè's Can't Be A__Here: Chapter 2 EP Tracklist

1. “Romeo”
2. “Juliet”
3. “Bloodshot”

Def Jam
Def Jam

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