During a visit to Cali on Tuesday (Feb. 6), Aminé stopped by Power 106 in Los Angeles to hook up with the L.A. Leakers. While there, he dropped an ill freestyle over Clipse's "Momma I'm So Sorry" beat.

The Portland, Ore. rapper catches wreck over the unorthodox Neptunes production. "Black man, self-made, I don't need your pity, hoe/If you call me nigga I might pull up at your rodeo," he raps. "Living Black excellence, my pockets looking Terrio/Only time I'm seeing bars is when I watch his video/Skrrt on a nigga, if he skrrt on me/If her skirt big enough she can skrrt on me."

In other Aminé-related news, the 2017 XXL Freshman's debut album, Good For You, has reached gold status. He closed out 2017 on his Tour for You, where he touched down in cities like Detroit, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston and more. The rapper vowed to wear one pair of pants for the entire tour.

He explained the reasoning behind recycling the same pair on Twitter. "I'm wearing one pair of pants for the whole tour adding a unique patch for every city," he wrote. "I'm bring 1 fan on stage every show to write on their city's patch."

Look for Aminé to hit the festival circuit hard again this year as he continues to broaden his brand.

Listen to Aminé rip Clipse's "Momma I'm So Sorry" beat on L.A. Leakers below.

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