Allan Kingdom has been on a mission lately to spread his brand of stone cold midwest raps with the world and is riding high off the release of his latest project, Northern Lights. In a video by the same name, Allan is shown, mittens and all, braving the cold, and rapping from a car's backseat. The flittering multi-color lights give the feel of a police chase, but Allan is on his own in the clip, dancing in front of snow banks as the camera swerves about.

The video, which was directed by Kron, is the first off Northern Lights, which dropped in the first week of January. The project was the first official drop for Kingdom since following up his appearance on Kanye West's "All Day" with a number of loose one-off tracks.

In a 2014 interview with XXL, the Minnesota rapper said that his goal in hip-hop is to make everyone feel better. "I feel like agendas have time limits and once that mission is done then it’s done," he said. "I just know that there’s people that lack things or don’t have things or do have things and for lack of a better term I just want to make them feel better about themselves. That’s what I like doing the most. It’s why I like making music the most. When I get letters or feedback about something that made someone else feel good is the best feeling."

Watch the "Northern Lights" video above.

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