Bill Cosby currently faces up to 30 years in prison after being convicted of sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004, but there are still some who are sharing their skepticism of the original allegations. Akon spoke with TMZ at LAX yesterday (May 7), where he talked about Cosby's impact on him, as well as his thoughts on the trial and conviction.

At first, the outlet asked the veteran hitmaker what he feels would be a proper sentencing for the comedian, who was found guilty of three counts of indecent assault last month. Although Akon thinks that Cosby should receive "whatever the law requires," he does express how difficult it is to watch his legacy crash after his outstanding impact.

"I mean, whatever the law requires, man," he says. "I mean at this point, Bill Cosby life has been's horrible to kind of think about it how someone could have that much impact in the world and have their legacy just be crashed, you know? I don't know to the extent of all the facts that's been put in..."

Akon then continues to question the case and the other allegations, stating that there's no way for any of us on the outside to know if he truly committed the acts he is being accused of. He also believes that plenty of people are convicted of crimes that they never committed.

The singer also describes how he previously had Bill Cosby painted as his "hero," making it hard for him to flip that narrative around due to looking up to him when he was younger.

"We don't really know if he did it or he didn't do it," he explains. "Yeah, but it's been a lot of people convicted that's been innocent. In situations like this you just...I don't know. I've already been painted a picture of Bill Cosby. He's a hero to me from the pictures that's been painted. It's hard to flip that around because I grew up as a child looking up to this man. And I wasn't there at the trial, so whatever was revealed or whatever was...these are allegations from 30-40 years ago."

Despite sharing some defensive thoughts about Cosby, Akon does say that those who have been convicted by the law can always take the opportunity to turn their life around, just as he did.

"If the law doesn't catch you, karma will eventually," he states.

See what Akon says about Bill Cosby's conviction in the video below.

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