Few things frustrate rappers as much as their customary lack of control over when and where their albums get released. It appears Action Bronson has just become the latest example of that reality. Earlier today (May 24), the rapper tweeted out a not-so-cryptic message about what he wants done with his latest project.

"PUT MY MOTHERFUCKING ALBUM OUT," Bronson wrote in a tweet. We can't speak for you or Bronson, but to us, this is a clear sign of frustration over the fact his latest project Blue Chips 7000 has yet to be released.

It's hard to know how serious Bronson was being with his tweet, especially since, as far as we know, his newest album is still set to be released on June 23. He said as much when we spoke to him at the 2017 Rolling Loud Festival a few weeks back. At the time, he explained that his project's previous delays had to do with his involvement with the world of TV.

“I’ve been making music, man. I’ve been making music, but TV takes over," Bronson explained. "If TV’s calling me, I have to pick up the phone, you feel me? I can’t just put that on hold, cause television is a big thing. Your face is seen all over the world. It’s just a different thing when 70 year olds are like, ‘Oh my God! We love you!’ Like… I like it all."

So maybe Bronson's just playing around, tweeting his "put my album out now" message in a "why can't Christmas be tomorrow" sort of way. As far as we know, Blue Chips 7000 is still set to drop on June 23, which is almost exactly a month from now, but perhaps the label has other plans.

Check out Bronson's tweet for yourself below and peep his interview from the 2017 Rolling Loud Festival below that.

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