Take a listen to any of Action Bronson's project and it's clear that the Queens rapper has an imaginative mind. With his major label debut Mr. Wonderful due out in March, Bronsolino uses some of the budget to get the wild scenarios in his head onto the screen in the video for "Actin Crazy." Between eating a bowl of cereal and getting his hair brushed and shirt cleaned by two beautiful women, Bronson hops in front of a green screen to live out bizarre, sci-fi like scenes. First, he takes a trip through space, then hops on some sort of snake-dragon hybrid that breathes fire to take over a city. From there, the food-loving rapper does a wrestling-like entrance before hopping on a shark with lasers for eyes (word to Dr. Evil) and finally channels his inner Charles Barkley by going one-on-one against Godzilla in a game of hoops. Peep the crazy visual out above.

The anticipation for Bronson's album is palpable. After a slew of successful mixtapes and projects with Tommy Mas, Statik Selektah, Harry Fraud, The Alchemist and Party Supplies and an awesome cooking series with Munchies, Bronson's deserved hype is at an all-time high. Based on the loosies and singles we've heard, plus the videos that have dropped, Mr. Wonderful looks like it will deliver. The album drops Mar. 24.