Action Bronson taught a concertgoer a lesson when the unruly fan ran on stage while the former XXL Freshman was performing. During Bronson's Lovebox Festival set, action punched and threw a fan off the stage during his performance of his song "Terry." Bronson was performing on the BBC 1 Xtra stage at the London festival. The trespasser somehow gained access and can be seen running from behind the stage to the front. If he was a true Bronson fan then he should've known that you never interrupt Bronson while he's performing, ever.

Bronson was pictured after his performance with an ice pack covering the hand he used to deliver the blow. The Independent's deputy social media editor Brett Leppard was there and said: "The guy just seemed to run on the from the back of the stage dressed in some kind of 'droog' outfit. The guy was lucky because I think there was a second punch that missed. The crowd seemed fully supportive of his actions." Watch the video above.

In other news, the Queens native is teaming back up with Party Supplies for the final project in the popular Blue Chips trilogy. The rapper sent made the announcement on Twitter on Sunday (July 12) afternoon and also teased an upcoming season of Fuck, That’s Delicious and a new series called Cooking With Mr. Wonderful. He also will be headlining the L.A. show for Fool’s Gold Day Off on Aug. 29. Hoodboi, Travis $cott, Kittens and more will also be  joining in on the fun.

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