Action Bronson recently sat down with Oscar-nominated actor Jonah Hill for Interview MagazineDuring the discussion, Hill says he's been trying to get him casted in movies.

"I'm constantly trying to get you cast in movies," says Jonah. "And I have to explain to these older white directors who you are. It's been a hilarious process so far." In response, Bronson said he would totally be down. Hill expressed his regard for Bronson's music, saying he doesn't quite understand why more people aren't up on the former chef-turned rapper from Queens.

As the conversation continues, Jonah goes on to say that he doesn't get the Action Bronson and Ghostface Killah comparisons that many people have made. "And I followed everything: the Blue Chips tapes, everything. And I think people want to label something as something else they've already heard, so they go, 'Oh, he sounds like Ghostface,'" said Hill. "That's so stupid because it's like, 'Clearly, he likes Ghostface-Wu-Tang is probably the greatest rap group of all time.' And it's been beautiful to watch you embracing your own eccentricities and your own individuality on the new album. And the music is getting better because of it." Mr. Wonderful agreed with Jonah, saying there's no room to be a follower in the music industry.

Before letting him go, Hill briefly mentions Bronson's fan-slam, which Bronsolino goes on to compare his live shows to Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW).

"It's a live show. My live show is based upon ECW [Extreme Championship Wrestling]. I always say that because the wrestlers used to go in the crowd and wrestle in the crowd, and it would get crazy. You might get hit with a chair, you might get a little blood on you. It was just fucking fun. I want people to have a good time. I want people to be able to touch me. I'm understanding now that I'm not going to be able to do that at every venue, but I've done it in Africa, with 55,000 people. I've done it in Australia, New Zealand—every country I've been in, I've been in the crowd. I don't give a damn. But you know how it goes these days, man. What if I really fucking hurt somebody? Whose fault is it at that point? I'm not really sure, because I'm not going at them—they're coming on to my stage. I'm paid to perform there, so I'm working there. There's got to be some kind of workman's compensation when I do something to somebody that's trying to invade the work area. It almost went wrong really badly in Europe. Some kid jumped on stage, we threw him, and he flipped over. Who knows what the fuck happened. It's not a good idea to do that. It puts me in crazy fucking jeopardy. You know about Dimebag Darrell [a founding member of Pantera who was killed on stage by a gunman]. Come on, man. I don't want to get fucking Dimebag Darrell-ed. Let's just knock on fucking wood, man, because I'm about to go on this goddamn world tour. Let's hope that things go well."

Throughout the entire conversation, the two also touch on Bronson's background, his music over the years, coming into his own as an artist and more. Read the full interview here.

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