Lil Yachty is not a fan of old school hip-hop and he has no problem saying it. His antics have caused quite a stir amongst the hip-hop community as Yachty's dismissive behavior towards rap veterans is not something traditionally seen within the game. While Yachty's intentions are not to diss previous generations of rappers but simply to express his disinterest in learning about them, it's beginning to spark a real deal old school vs. new school beef in hip-hop.

It all started with Lil Yachty's visit to Hot 97 this past June. The rapper appeared on Ebro in the Morning and wasn't shy about his detachment from lyrics and his indifference when it comes to freestyling. That attitude carried over when he was actually asked to spit rhymes and in true troll fashion, Ebro picked Nas' "The Don" beat produced by Salaam Remi, Da Internz and Heavy D. Things were destined to go wrong.

Following Yachty's questionable freestyle, people began to ponder on his skills as an MC, even though Yachty is a self-proclaimed written verse kind of guy. In reply to the backlash, the ATL rapper dedicated a special song to his naysayers. On Summer Songs 2, he debuted "For Hot 97," a song on which Yachty showcases his lyricism which was obviously taken as a joke following his visit at the radio station.

From there, Yachty and Ebro began to trade shots with the Hot 97/Beats 1 Radio host dubbing Yachty's music as "High School ass bars!" Lil Boat responded, “Lol I didn’t catch feelings it was just to show that I can rap.. Cuz me having fun wit that freestyle folks […] Ran w/ that shit as I couldn’t actually rap. It wasn’t a diss to you good sir it was simply more so like a check dis.” Yachty later said, "Fuck Hot 97," but deleted the tweets.

Following that incident, Lil Yachty has been extremely vocal about his distaste for "serious music." He even went as far as admitting that he couldn't name five songs from The Notorious B.I.G. or 2Pac, an essential no-no in hip-hop. Pete Rock and even rap newcomers have since come forth to shame Lil Yachty. “Don’t be cocky in the fact that you don’t know anything about hip hop history. Real artists are students of the game first," fellow XXL Freshman Anderson .Paak wrote on Twitter in response to Yachty's bold admission.

No matter what anyone says, Yachty is standing his ground on this one and continues to be vocal about his stance. Most recently he called his haters "old and washed up."

Check out a timeline of Yachty's back and forth regarding old school hip-hop above.