A-F-R-O garnered a bit of buzz as the 17-year-old with a skillset that Golden Era fans loved. The young rapper linked up with veteran rapper R.A. the Rugged Man and even got his own profile on Uproxx. That led to him getting co-signs from some all-time greats like GZA and DJ Premier.

Since then, A-F-R-O has mainly remained a phenomenon on YouTube. He's racked up millions of views on some videos there, but hasn't garnered that widespread attention like other young hip-hop artists. That seems like it's about to change after the talented MC, who is now 18, made his network television debut. A-F-R-O was invited on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to participate in a bit called "Box of Freestyle."

A-F-R-O put on a show as Jimmy Fallon pulled out random objects from a box and prompted the young rapper to spit about each item. A beach ball, pineapple, cowboy boot, steering wheel, a toy train and graduate cap were all brought out as A-F-R-O effortlessly mixed all of them into his rap. It was an impressive display that shows exactly why this kid has garnered so much respect from the veterans in hip-hop.

If this is your introduction to A-F-R-O, there is a lot more for you to hear. The wormhole of YouTube will help you find quite a bit of dope stuff by the California native, but you should also check out his Bandcamp page. A-F-R-O has quite a few projects on there including ones where he raps over the beats of J Dilla and MF DOOM.

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