With hip-hop being born in the streets, it still comes as a surprise to some people that many of today's highest selling rap stars are college educated. From Ice Cube to J. Cole, a growing number of rappers exhibit higher knowledge in their rhymes and actually have a diploma to back it up.

Still, there are rappers who spent some time in the classroom but ended up dropping out to pursue their music dreams full time. Finding success outside of college, these artists have now been celebrated and recognize with honorary degrees at some of the nations most prestigious universities. No college debt required! Here are eight rappers and the universities that paid homage to them.

1. Pitbull, Doral College

2. Diddy, Howard University

3. Lil Wayne, University of Houston

4. Common, Florida A&M

5. LL Cool J, Northeastern

6. Chuck D, Adelphi University

7. Wyclef Jean, Western Connecticut State University

8. Dizzee Rascal, University of East London

9. Kanye West, The Art Institute of Chicago