Over the weekend, the 2Pac sex tape that surfaced a few months back was finally sold. The rapper’s former manager, Leila Steinberg, reacted to the news in a recent interview.

“He taped a lot,” she said to Futuristic Blogger of HipHopnews24-7.com about the tape, which was recorded in 1991. “He taped intimate moments that maybe were for himself that he never thought would be public.”

The footages features 'Pac receiving oral sex and drinking, and also includes an appearance from Digital Underground member Money B.

Steinberg insinuated that this sort of thing happened frequently at the time, and said she wouldn’t be surprised if similar videos were to pop up. “I’m sure that he documented and recorded way more than anyone will ever know.," she said, "So that’s why we’ll continue to see things that pop up.”

She also said that, though she’s not sure who consented to have the tape released, she thinks that they should be properly compensated, and believes that anything having to do with the late rapper involves his estate. “I don’t know which tape this is, and who’s consenting, but I think that anyone that’s portrayed should get something from it and should be consenting,” she continued. “I don’t think that 'Pac taped and didn’t have an understanding that anything you tape can one day become public. I’m sure that there would not be anything exploited that wasn’t agreed upon by the estate. They’re pretty powerful and in control of what gets released and approved, so I would think that they were involved.”

Despite the news, Steinberg stressed that this was not the full repesentation of where 'Pac was at twenty years ago.

“His number one priority over sex tapes, over personal gratification, more than anything else, was to bring light and attention to really transitioning the state of economics in this country,” she said. “And that he’d be a vessel and a vehicle to change things and to see balance on the planet.” —Adam Fleischer