Days after being released from the U.S.'s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), 21 Savage faces yet another legal hurdle. According to TMZ, the rapper faces a felony warrant for skipping out on a performance he was paid $17,000 to handle back in 2016.

Their sources report that a club promoter booked the rapper to perform at her venue in South Georgia back in 2016. 21 reportedly got a $9,500 advance from the promoter and claimed the $7,500 remaining balance when he showed up at the club that night. According to the promoter and club owner, 21 dipped without hitting the stage, but took the money anyways.

The promoter says she went to the police in October 2016 to file a report, and that she also filed paperwork to get a felony warrant for theft by deception. The warrant was issued, yet police didn't act on it for two years. After 21's highly-publicized arrest during Super Bowl weekend, the club's owner decided to revamp their criminal case against the rapper. The promoter followed suit by calling the Sheriff's office to pick up 21 for the warrant.

"Mr. Joseph has committed no criminal offense. We look forward to an amicable resolution between the parties in the near future with no criminal implications whatsoever,"  21's lawyer Abbi Taylor told TMZ of this particular case.

21 Savage reportedly plans to go to the sheriff's office in the next day or so. Since he's out on bond after his ICE arrest, a new felony case could increase his chances of losing his deportation battle.

XXL has reached out to 21 Savage's legal team for further comment.

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