The last week-and-a-half or so has seen 21 Savage continue a tour de force of savagery the likes of which we've rarely seen, and just the other day, he added yet another instance of supreme disrespect to his catalog of Internet misdeeds. Peep it for yourself up top.

Earlier this week, the "No Heart" performer photoshopped his trademark dagger tattoo onto Kylie Jenner and used it as his Instagram avatar. He took it down a short time later.

As you probably know by now, 21 has a thing for Kylie, who is Tyga's girlfriend. The Savage Mode artist has used a series of social media posts and comments to let the entire world know about his interest in Kylie, and predictably, neither she nor Tyga have been happy with it.

The drama all began when 21 uploaded a picture of Kylie onto his Twitter account along with a few heart-eye emojis. A short time later, TMZ caught up with 21 for an interview, and the rapper doubled down on his Twitter post, saying he'd "tear that ass up" when asked how he felt about Kylie. Shortly after that, Kylie uploaded a Snapchat video of herself playing a snippet of Tyga's diss track directed at 21 Savage. You can follow the complete timeline of Tyga and 21 Savage's beef here.

Although 21 took down the avi after a short time, it doesn't appear all that likely that Tyga won't respond to it. We just hope both parties can somehow resolve this issue peacefully.

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