Rapper 21 Savage has become just as well known for his intellect as his ability to spit bars. With the release of his new album, ISSA, 21 opened up about a number of topics in addition to street violence such as love and the black experience. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, 21 talks about the difficulties that black people face in America.

"Most of the time I just talk about me or what I experience," he says about relaying his black livelihood. "Now I be trying to talk about other things that other people can relate to." He goes on to continue his train of thought, talking specifically about the difficulty that black people face. "It's hard being black," he says. "I don't think people really understand how hard it is to be black. Especially when you coming from nothing. In the hood, there's already a lot of hate just amongst us black people. We killin' each other and everybody else killin' us too. We poor. And the world hates us."

He then talks about people who say that he only makes gangster rap music. "People always say I don't ever talk about that type of shit, then when I talk about that type of shit, they do everything in their power to not talk about that song," he says.

21's ISSA moved 77,000 units in its first week of sale, according to Billboard. "Bank Account," featured on the album, has become the 24-year-old rapper's highest charting single to date, according to Forbes, landing at No. 33 on Billboard's Hot 100.

Make sure to take a listen to ISSA and check out some of 21's social commentary.

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