Despite rumors that 2 Chainz is out to make a sex tape and has chosen Iggy Azalea as his mate, the rapper denies the scenario, setting the truth straight once and for all. Explaining that he never said he wanted her in his video and that all he ever did was agree that she is "Dope."

"Yup definitely said I wanted to do a sex tape," said the rapper. "I did say I want to do that. I did say I want to put one on Netflix, so the people asked me what do I feel about Nicki. I said that's my sister and then they asked me about Iggy, I said she was dope. So then I look up on my twitter again and it says I want to have sex with them two women for my sex tape and I ain't never said that."

During the chat, aka Titi Boi also touched on an array of other rumors. Speaking on the Jay Z collaboration and the "Used 2" remix, the rapper said that neither are in the works but are indeed future possibilities.