Earlier today, Kanye West sent the Internets into a frenzy when he mysteriously sent out a Tweet that read "June Eighteen." Although a number of sources report that the Tweet is actually an announcement for the release date of his next solo project, nothing has been officially confirmed by either West or his label. That being said, XXL decided crack the case with 10 other possible reasons why June 18 is a significant date for Kanye West.


KimYe's Baby is Born

Forget Blue Ivy - Kim and Kanye are about to put the celebrity baby on smash. When two of the biggest celebrities on the planet link up for a collaboration of this magnitude, you know there's zero chance the world isn't going to hear about it.


Releases Ray J Diss Track

There's zero chance that Yeezy's gonna let Brandy's brother get away with "I Hit It First." You mess with the bull, you get the horns - except in this case, the bull is a rapper, and the horns are a pair of size 11 Yeezy 2's to the dome piece.


Premieres New E! Reality Show With Kim Kardashian

Keeping Up with the Kardashians has spawned an entire empire of spin-offs and tie-ins, so it's only logical that the show's latest featured guest star would be getting his own iteration with soon-to-be wife Kim. And Kris Jenner will still somehow find a way to get her face on camera.


Named The New President of Def Jam

Kanye's always been following in his big brother Jay-Z's footsteps - it's possible that now, after nearly a decade signed the label, Yeezy has stepped up to the (now-empty) big office as the President.


Unveils His Latest Fashion Line

Rumors have been circulating for the past two months that Kanye has been working on a new fashion line - the third of his career - while out in Paris. Don't be surprised this June 18 if Yeezy and his G.O.O.D. Music squad come out decked is totally new threads.


Kim and Kanye's "Royal Wedding"

Remember how Kim reportedly made a cool $17 million for her wedding to Brooklyn Nets bench warmer Kris Humphries? Yeah, multiply that by infinity for her nuptials with Yeezy. To their credit, the couple has asked that friends and family actually donate money to a children's hospital instead of give gifts to them for their baby shower.


Releases Cruel Winter

We know what you're thinking, "How is Kanye gonna drop Cruel Winter at the beginning of the summer?" Well, Cruel Summer completely by-passed summer when it was released mid-September last year, is it really a stretch that Cruel Winter could hit shelves nearly six months later than it was anticipated?



Signs Scott Disick to G.O.O.D. Music

Could Trap Lord Disick be making a move to music from...whatever he does now for a 9-to-5? We can't say for sure, but Scott has definitely been gearing up on some rapper steez.


Confirms Illuminati Rumors

If the nutjob conspiracy theorists are right and every rapper who's ever had some level of success in the music industry is part of the Masonic order, June 18 could be the day that Yeezy confirms his spot in the organization.


Sike! It's Actually Jay-Z's Album Release Date

The greatest trick Yeezy could ever pull was convincing the world that it was his album dropping on June 18, when it was actually Hov's rumored LP. If so, it would definitely go down as the troll of the century.