Funk Volume emerged from a combination of frustration and ambition. As XXL detailed back in our most recent issue, the L.A. based label formed after rapper Hopsin went through a messy split with Ruthless Records that left the contact-sporting artist with a bad taste in his mouth. Determined to stay independent, Hopsin and his business partner Damien “Dame” Ritter founded the company in 2008, designing it as an independent home for artists who fall outside the mainstream, and now, 5 years later, the company is standing stronger than ever.

With the release of Hopsin's latest album, Knock Madness, next week on November 26, XXL has decided to throw a spotlight on the label's efforts over the last few years, selecting 10 songs that show the lyrical dexterity and sonic diversity of Funk Volume's roster. From Hopsin to Dizzy Wright to SwizZz to newcomer Jarren Benton, the label has become known for testing the limits of hip-hop. So turn up the volume and dive in.

"Sag My Pants"
Artist: Hopsin
Project: Raw (2010)

"Nocturnal Rainbows"
Artist: Hopsin
Project: Raw (2010)

"Funk Volume 2012"
Artist: Hopsin Featuring Dizzy Wright, SwizZz and DJ Hoppa
Project: N/A (2011)

"SwizZzy Wright"
Artists: Dizzy Wright Featuring SwizZz
Project: Free SmokeOut Conversations (2012)

"Solo Dolo"
Artist: Dizzy Wright
Project: Smoke OutConversations (2012)

"Go Off"
Artist: Jarren Benton Featuring SwizZz And Hopsin
Project: My Grandma's Basement (2013)

"Hotel Stripper"
Artist: Dizzy Wright Featuring Jarren Benton
Project: The First Agreement (2012)

Artist: SwizZz
Project: N/A (2013)

"We On (My Own Dick)"
Artist: Jarren Benton Featuring Dizzy Wright And Pounds
Project: My Grandma's Basement (2013)

"Hop Is Back"
Artist: Hopsin
Project: Knock Madness (2013)

"Rip Your Heart Out"
Artist: Hopsin Featuring Tech N9ne
Project: Knock Madness (2013)