Remember when TMZ reported that Queens rapper Action Bronson dropped a whopping $20,000 on a glass bong designed by coveted artist AKM? Not only did fans of Bronson find out about the his extreme purchase, but we all got to learn a little bit more of Action’s collection of glass bongs.

With the $20,000 purchase making headlines, fans also learned that the Blue Chips rapper also owns $50,000 worth of glass pieces, including a very rare SLOP pipe from Japan. Action, who took to Instagram to show off his latest purchase recently posted a detailed picture of the amazing piece with the caption: “Today is a gorgeous day I think it's a good idea to sit outside listen to music, write raps and reach a higher ground using this fucking beauty.. @pipemaker #fuckthatsdelicious.”

While the world has gotten to know the cooking side of Action Bronson very well through his Fuck Thats Delicious series, fans now know Action's love for bongs. Who knows? Maybe we'll one day see a reality show of Bam Bam searching for glass pipes. For now, XXL has rounded up the 10 dopest glass pipes to purchase right now.

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