U-God Slams Soul Temple Records


On Working With RZA
I don’t know [why] dudes be hating on RZA sometimes. To me he has some of the most organic music and it fits me because I can do things with his music. I can experiment with him. I can’t experiment with everybody else. They want me to be straight-up. But when I get a RZA beat I can experiment, I can do things, I can go different places. That’s what I like about his music. He has so much music. He has an overdose of music. He has too much. When you go sit down with him you go through a lot of tracks and it’s like “Oh my god, I gotta step out the room. It’s too much.” I’ve got about 10 more on my CD now, so I’m saying to myself, “Damn.”

“That’s how I want to be as an artist. Creative. I don’t wanna be stuck in a box.”

To me this shit is hot because it’s new, it’s fresh, it’s crispy. Our old Wu fans want to keep us sounding a certain way but RZA has already passed all that already. He has the new stuff that dudes wanna hear, that dudes need to be following. But some people get caught up in the past and think that’s where they need to be. Now, I’m gonna give our core fans what they need but I’m also gonna give you that type of stuff like “Rooms Keep Spinning.” I’m gonna give you the blues track. I’m gonna try to push the envelope with new sounding stuff and new styles. As an artist, that’s what I hope people do. Paint new paintings instead of keep trying to paint the Mona Lisa over. That’s done. Paint the Sistine Chapel. That’s done. They’re still finding new paintings all over the globe, like “Damn, he got a new painting? He got a new style?” That’s how I want to be as an artist. Creative. I don’t wanna be stuck in a box.

He likes fucking with me cause he can experiment with me. I’m like a guinea pig. He likes to give me shit to fuck with. Some dues might be like, “Uh, I’m not feeling that beat,” but by the time I finish spitting on it they’ll be like, “Yo, let me get on that. I didn’t know you was gonna come like that dog.” And I’m not gonna leave no room for a motherfucker either, especially if I got a joint I know is original and original sounding. That’s how RZA’s beats are. They don’t sound like nobody else’s shit. That’s what I want. That’s what separates us as Wu-Tang.

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  • Soul Temple is going to fail

    “Yea that’s the game homey live with it or give up lol”

  • truth

    awful label… pre-orders through vendors never arrived, direct merch orders never arrived, label does not respond, just awful, never again