U-God Slams Soul Temple Records

On The Making Of Keynote Speaker
People submit music to me and I rhyme to it, but if it don’t come out the way I want it to I’m not going to use it. That’s how I pick my joints. They all have to be on the level. If I get a hot one, that means I have to top the next one and that means I’ve gotta top the one before that. I’ve gotta keep going up. It has to add on. When I got Styles P on it, that added on to my record. When I got Deck on my record he added on to my record. He didn’t bring it down. If you bring it down, you’re not gonna make the record. So that’s how I gauge who gets on the record. No disrespect, but if you didn’t make the record that means your rhymes weren’t really there and you need to go back in the cut and give me something better.

“With all these years of being in the Wu-Tang, people always talked for me. Now, you get a chance to speak to me.”

The new ones I’m working on might mesh with that. I don’t like to start from zero. I like to start with 10 [tracks], so I’ll probably use one or two out of 10 that didn’t make the previous record and try to work my way up from there. I calculate my stuff from a body of work. I do a whole lot of work then I pick out the best fruit off the tree. I got a couple of bangers that should’ve made the record but there was just too much. I’ve got 17 joints on there. They don’t hear that much of me so I can hit you with that. People don’t hear me enough so I’m still brand new. It’s a good and a bad thing, but I think it’s more of a good thing.

More people are starting to reach out to me. More people are starting to say “Yeah, I’ll do that.” With all these years of being in the Wu-Tang, people always talked for me. Like Rae might say something. You might ask Rae like, “What about U-God?” Then he’d answer the stupid shit with a stupid fucking answer and you’ve got the whole world thinking I’m some grump, some other motherfucker. But that’s not really me. Now, you get a chance to speak to me. I’m here right now and you get a chance to see where I’m coming from and how I choose my records and how I chose my music. People reach out to me now cause they can contact me now.

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  • Soul Temple is going to fail

    “Yea that’s the game homey live with it or give up lol”

  • truth

    awful label… pre-orders through vendors never arrived, direct merch orders never arrived, label does not respond, just awful, never again