U-God Slams Soul Temple Records


On The Reception To Keynote Speaker
U-God: All over the web they’re saying it’s fire. I’m getting a good reception. I’ve had a couple failures before and it ain’t like that. This one is cool. I feel like people are really starting to feel me now, starting to change a little bit. I might have to hit them like two more times for the “Ohh. Ohh… Ohhh…” Before we get the real “Oh’s.”

Right now you can look on the Internet and fans give it to you straight up front. You get a whole bunch of comments right at the bottom. “Oh, this is trash.” “Oh, this is fire!” “Oh, I can’t believe it he topped Dopium!” That’s what they’re saying right now so I’m happy with that. Now I gotta come back and top Keynote, so that’s gonna drive me crazy even more. I try to better myself every time. That’s the key to longevity.

You always think your new sneakers are your best sneakers. That doesn’t mean they might be the best. Some people might like it, some people might not. I can’t please everyone. But I think it’s one of my best works to date.

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  • Soul Temple is going to fail

    “Yea that’s the game homey live with it or give up lol”

  • truth

    awful label… pre-orders through vendors never arrived, direct merch orders never arrived, label does not respond, just awful, never again