U-God Slams Soul Temple Records

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On The Rock The Bells Cancellation
The tickets were overpriced. It’s time to get back to grassroots, fellas. Hip-hop went a long way. We made a lot of money, dudes made a lot of bread, but you still need to have respect for the fans. Everybody’s not rich. Everybody doesn’t have a $100 to be in VIP or $50-$60 to see their favorite singer or act. You gotta lower it down. It’s that time right now. It’s back in the depression era. Music and certain entities don’t get touched by certain recession and depression, so you gotta cater to what people need, and people need cutbacks. Tickets don’t need to be $100. It could be $20 or $30 for a ticket. People still wanna come out. For $20 or $30 you can come out and have a little drink, have a little smoke, pop their little rock candy and get a little twisted and do their molly, whatever the fuck they do.

“You come out to be entertained, not sit out there and look at someone with a 100 gold chains on who thinks he’s all the world or whatever.”

People wanna have a good time. That’s what it is: entertainment. You come out to be entertained, not sit out there and look at someone with a 100 gold chains on who thinks he’s all the world or whatever. You come out to see them rock, shimmy, do their Mick Jagger, do whatever the strut is on stage. That’s what I come to do. I know when I do my solo shit, I go in. I come from a very entertaining group, so I know how to shake and jive on stage. I don’t just sit there in one spot, pointing my little finger. Nah, I do my little shimmy, I have my little lights going on, if I can have it I’ll have bombs going off in the back.

We got mixed emotions [on the O.D.B. hologram]. A lot of people love it and a lot of people hate it. That’s a part of the game, part of being a musician and having yourself out there. You’re going to have people that like you and you’re going to have people that hate you. There’s a balance to it. But me personally, I love the fact that they brought my brother back. It’s kinda spooky. But I respect it for what it was. It was a chance to see my brother’s aura again and he did his thing. Technology is a motherfucker. I can tell, another 20 years from now it’s going to be some shit. We ain’t gonna have no more phones. It’s gonna be a little chip and its gonna pop up. It’s gonna be some other shit. It’s gonna be crazy.

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  • Soul Temple is going to fail

    “Yea that’s the game homey live with it or give up lol”

  • truth

    awful label… pre-orders through vendors never arrived, direct merch orders never arrived, label does not respond, just awful, never again