Following a recent breakup that didn't seem amicable at all, Yung Miami and Southside have reunited.

The two young hip-hop stars were spotted together at a club in Chicago on Friday night (Dec. 28). In the video clip, the two are seen sitting next to each other. Miami appears to be carrying on a conversation with some women who are seated behind them while Sizzle, who is wearing a hoodie tightly pulled close to his face, looks on. All seems good.

Just over a week ago, this didn't seem like it would be possible. Both of the musicians officially confirmed they'd called it quits on Instagram. Miami told fans she was single. Southside responded by confirming they were no longer together on IG Live.

"Nah I don't go with that hoe no more," the "Hmmm" artist said. "I don't fuck with that hoe. I'm good. I'm all the way bool."

He also downplayed a vacation they took together. "Fuck that vacation," he said. "She paid for that weak ass vacation. That weak ass spot. That shit made me sick anyways. That weak ass shit. My vacations would cost a 100 bands. That's how we get down. Stop playing with me. I'm gonna show y'all my vacation."

It looks like they've worked things out.

Check out video of Yung Miami and Southside spotted in a club in Chicago following their recent breakup below.

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