Yung Gleesh's name has been everywhere over the past week ever since hip-hop saw his dance moves in A$AP Rocky's "Multiply" video. The dance even ended up in the latest NBA 2K game. Though the D.C. native acknowledges the good publicity he's gotten since the dance has blown up, he told XXL that the dance "[doesn't] define [him]."

Even so, nobody can deny those dance moves. Gleesh explains the A$AP Mob initially reached out to him first. "I been fuckin' with A$AP Mob... I ain't never really know Rocky," he says. "He knew of me, I knew of him, but I never had his number or talk to him or kick it with him. I was fuckin' with A$AP Yams, A$AP Bari, all of them. So by the time I got to SXSW, I had already hit the moonwalk at Santos, and I was down at their house. And then they were like, 'yo we tryna get you in the video.' But you know how niggas be talkin' out they ass, in the spirit of the moment type shit, 'cause then a month later, it never happens. But then out the blue, my man was like 'Yams wanna fly you out now to dance in the video.' And then I was like 'Oh, for real? I thought he was just talkin'. But he was serious about it, and they flew me out to do the dance."

Though Gleesh has become quickly become a Vine sensation off of the dance, he's quick to point out that he's "not a dancer," and that he doesn't choreograph. He told XXL that his dances "just happen" off of his mood at the time.

Gleesh also doesn't want to take credit for the dance. Instead, he salutes D.C.'s famous Go-Go music scene for giving him his swag. "I do appreciate people giving me credit, but I want credit my shit due," he says. "I only want credit when I feel like it's deserved, not when I know damn well I had nothin' to do with that shit. That's my city. That's dancing from my city."

It's safe to say that Young Gleesh has been doing his thing this year. Check out our The Come Up feature on Gleesh, and check out his latest mixtape Cleansides Finest 3 here.

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