You gotta have the look. Atlanta's own Yung Booke never really wanted to rap, but his friend told him he already looked like a rapper. He brushed this off, then went on to make a diss track along with his friend about some guys at his high school. Booke became the talk of the town off the song, but his partner-in-rhyme passed away shortly after high school. Deciding to hold his friend down, he kept on rhyming and eventually spent some time signed to T.I.'s Grand Hustle Records. Now, with his most recent project, Blue Goat, available everywhere, he came to the XXL office to kick a freestyle.

Most of Booke's freestyle is all about the kind of life he lives. "You see me out, then you see the gang/You know it's six when you see the chain," he spits. "Let up the top when we feel the rain/You can't get wet when them shots fire/Bad bitch with me, count cash until she cockeyed."

The Down South rhymer fires off some more bars that proves he's not playing any games. "Everybody shootin', hop out the whip, let it ghost ride/Real fuck wit' real and we ain't fuckin' with yo kind/We ain't playing both sides/I ain't playing at all, I'm ’bout my business, suit and bowtie."

When it comes to rap, Yung Booke knew he was headed in the right direction with his 2015 track "Y6 Freestyle." "The city picked it, I really didnt pick it," he shares. "I went in Club Crucial and the response I got was overwhelming. I was like, wow, I can do this."

In addition to the support of his city, his family keeps him going. "I got two kids and they my biggest fans," Booke explains. "My sister, my mom and dad and my peers." Through it all, Booke will never give up. " I just stayed down with it, it's paying off," he says.

Check out Yung Booke's freestyle below.

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