Sometimes, music is in your blood. Camoflauge, the late Savannah, Ga. rapper who enjoyed local fame, is the father of 16-year-old Flau'Jae, a young artist who spits rhymes to keep her father's name ringing. "I started rapping at the age of 7; I just wanted to rap for my father and honor his legacy," she explains. In a short time, she's had some big moments by being a contestant on Jermaine Dupri's hip-hop reality competition show The Rap Game and America's Got Talent, all while still being the age of your typical high-schooler. She came to the XXL office after releasing her 2019 EP On My Own to drop a new freestyle.

Flau'Jae's freestyle goes straight for the jugular when it comes to the competition. "I been killin' rappers, on these crazy beats/I ain't runnin' solo, pull up 80 deep/New Sprinter, with like 80 seats," she rhymes, kicking off her verse. "Retire ’fore I'm 26, A to Z/Slimy like a lizard, Geico/Comin' wrong through a phone, typo/Your verses get old, idle."

She's also much more focused on her career than anything else: "I'm afraid to lose and it's scaring me/You afraid to lose a dude? That's embarrassing."

As evidenced by her rhymes, the rising rapper has a knack for lyrical delivery. Flau'Jae committed to hip-hop very early. "I started taking it seriously at 12 years old, when I was on The Rap Game," she says. "Then I went on America's Got Talent with Simon Cowell and that really just elevated me, too, as an artist and clout-wise."

She also sees her latest On My Own EP as an important next step for her career. "I just knew [that] this project signified me as a real artist," she shares. With her busy life of balancing education ("I gotta take my laptop everywhere I go, to complete lessons") and her dream, Flau'Jae always has something going on. She now has a tour and a new project on the way; keep an eye out for her.

Check out Flau'Jae's XXL freestyle below.

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