Slum Village member Young RJ understands corruption comes in many different forms, which is why he puts a spotlight on malfeasance in his new video for "Huh?!," a song appearing on his forthcoming debut album, BLAQ ROYALT,

In the Diego Cruz-directed visual, Young RJ serves as a narrator of sorts while a child stares blankly into a TV screen, men with hoodies are posted up in the street and a dapper dude in a suit rips pages from a book belonging to a young boy.

"The video was inspired by watching my nephews and niece and how they stare at the TV [and] social media believing everything they see," RJ tells XXL.

According to the rapper, who's produced for the likes of Slum Village, 50 Cent and G-Unit, Eric Roberson, De La Soul and Little Brother, "they" are corrupting the youth.

"They are trying to make you believe the description of corruption [is] in the streets wearing hoodies," he says. "This video shows corruption is in suits, taking books out of schools. When you go to the church, even the preacher is pimpin'. Not all of them, you know how to spot 'em."

RJ delivers food for thought on the track. "You can lead a horse to the water but can't make 'em drink/We was raised act off instinct and think about it later/In my city that split second can leave you in that paper/Or breaking news, channel 7 or Fox 2," he rhymes.

Look out for Young RJ's BLAQ ROYALT this summer and watch him put the spotlight on corruption in his "Huh?!" video below.

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