Young Nudy is gearing up to drop his Slime Ball 3 mixtape and he's tiding fans over with a new set of visuals. The rising Atlanta star releases his "Do That" music video, which features him transforming into a rockstar straight out of space.

The INightlyfe-directed clip starts off with Nudy flying in his high-tech spaceship before landing on Earth for a local show. The buzzing rapper steps on stage holding a powerful guitar, which he keeps on him for the rest of the video as he surrounds himself with beautiful women and love from the audience.

By the end of the visuals, Nudy comes across some enemies who carry guns with them outside of the venue and uses his guitar to shoot them into disappearing. He eventually aims his guitar at the woman he comes outside with and makes her disintegrate into the air before getting back in his spaceship and heading up into the sky.

Since dropping his highly-successful Nudy Land project last year, Young Nudy has been accumulating an even larger support base. The mixtape contains 13 total tracks and features from the likes of Lil Yachty and Offset. His forthcoming Slime Ball 3 mixtape will follow in the footsteps of the project, as well as Slime Ball 2 from February 2017.

Watch Young Nudy turn into a rockstar for his "Do That" music video below.

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