Young M.A wasn't happy when BET cut her Hip Hop Awards cypher short. On Monday (Oct. 10), Music Choice released a video of the NYC rapper spitting those leftover bars.

The "OOOUUU" rapper explains, "How I introduced it was totally different than where they started me at." She then dives into the lines that BET cut out, rapping, "Before I start spittin' these bars, I want y'all to know I'mma problem, please be alarmed/I'm that chick you can't bring around your sister and moms/I might just grab they ass, grip it and palm/Don't feel offended, this is just me on the norm/I like to speak my mind, I don't mean any harm/No chain on my neck, no watch on my arm/None of that designer shit, my apparel is calm."

Young M.A continues, "Thoughts of my composition/Release this ammunition/From making bad decisions, I don't trust a cop never did/'Cuz when they shoot, it's like we never live/They say justice but it never is/I'm tryna get this money man so I can put my mother in a better crib."

The rising star also describes why she was so disappointed that BET cut out part of her cypher. She says, "It was longer. I felt some type of way, because it was like, you're passionate about it. I put so much work into it. I finished the verse, I had just memorized it." You can watch the brief clip above via YouTube.

ICYMI, Young M.A also performed her smash hit "OOOUUU" at the 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards. She hit the stage rocking a Chicago Bulls snapback, jersey, khakis and a matching pair of Air Jordan XI Breds. The young Brooklyn spitter and her hype-woman killed their performance, as the crowd rapped the banger word-for-word.

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