Young M.A was met by a TMZ reporter in the airport recently who asked her about the impact she can have on young listeners. As to whether she considers herself important to the industry in light of how open she is about her sexuality, she replied "Absolutely."

The reporter continues to pepper the rapper with questions regarding her place in rap as an openly gay woman, Young M.A saying "Yeah" when asked if she thinks she help young boys and girls.  She as well says "Absolutley" as to whether she hopes she can have an influence on people.

As for whether she took any issue with Game using the "OOOUUU" beat to diss Meek Mill on "Pest Control," Young M.A said, "That’s old, man. It’s over with now." Back in September, Game said that Meek jumping on the "OOOUUU" beat actually inspired him to pen a diss, saying on SiriusXM’s Hip-Hop Nation, "And then he fucked up, he got my favorite beat of now which is the Young M.A beat. I love that beat, I love that song. He jumped on that beat and then he did the ultimate fuckery, he went and got Beans to help."

No doubt the many remixes, from Nicki Minaj included, have helped rraise the profile for both Young M.A and the song. Nicki supported Young M.A recently at Philadelphia's annual Powerhouse, saying, "I really just came out here to say shout out to Young M.A for doing her motherfucking thing. Back stage when she met me, she was low-key blushing and shit, smiling and shit.”

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