Just about two weeks removed from Joe Budden's near scuffle with Migos at the 2017 BET AwardsYoung Dolph's come forth to make his feelings about the Slaughterhouse rapper known.

"Man, I'm so sick of these old ass niggas like Joe Buddens hating on these muthafuckin' young niggas 'cause we out here getting this money like we getting," Dolph says in a video he recently posted to social media. Dolph goes on to compare Budden's situation at the peak of his career to his own as a CEO of his own record label.

"Ask that nigga Joe Budden was he a muthafuckin' CEO when he was rapping. When he was at the best of the best, ask that nigga if he was the CEO of his fucking label. The fuck outta here. Lame ass nigga," Dolph continues.

If you've been following Budden for a while—or if you're an active member of Rap Twitter—you might just understand where Dolph's coming from. A couple of months back, Budden had a tense—and some might say condescending—interview with Lil Yachty after saying the 19-year-old artist was "ruining" hip-hop culture. There were plenty of other comments about the current state of the industry before that one, too.

Peep Dolph's anti-Budden PSA below.

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