It seems like there's a new name out of Florida every few months, making it hard to separate many rising rappers from all the hometown competition. As always, being unique and talented will get your name ringing. Gifford, Fla. rapper YNW Melly has both qualities in droves.

Starting out in music at a young age, Melly got his start as a singer first, then a rapper; his ability to combine both skills made him into the formidable act he is today. After the release of his most recent project, I Am You, in August, the 19-year-old artist came to the XXL offices to show off his bars for our What I Do freestyle series.

YNW Melly wastes no time kicking his verse off. "Big blood, big slime, double O, 20 big slaat/Smoking on banana kush while chewing on a Kit Kat/iPhone 6 cracked, damn, I need to fix that," he spits rapidly. "Pull up on you with the .40, pussy, let me get that/ Melly baby, used to be posted by the rib shack/ Now we robbin' everybody, puttin' Glocks to they ribs, yeah."

Later on in his freestyle, he brags a little bit. "Say she wanna fuck with me, she see a nigga life and shit/ Okay, I ain't wifin' shit, these hoes be on some triflin' shit." He has more bars to spare, too: "Pull up with that .40, shank yo weight like I got a knife and shit."

Considering Melly is an individual in every sense of the word, it's no surprise that he mostly keeps to himself. During a chat with XXL, he let us know he's got tunnel vision. "I don't really be worried about too many other rappers or none of that, I just be in my own zone," he said. "But they know, if I fuck wit' em doe, ’cause I hit em up. Other than that, I ain't gon' hit ya back, I don't give a fuck about it."

Even though Melly is lowkey, he can count fellow Floridian Bhad Bhabie as a supporter of his music. Watch YNW Melly's freestyle up top and let us know what you think of his rhymes.

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