YG made his stance on Donald Trump Windex clear at the beginning of the year when he released his scathing Trump diss "FDT." Now that The Donald has been elected POTUS, the Cali rapper is still going hard in the paint with his opposition of the new Commander-in-Chief. His latest antics include spitting on a Donald Trump pinata during a concert in Oakland.

Footage has surfaced of the performance, which shows YG on stage with a paper-stuffed replica of Trump, complete with "Make America Great Again" hat.

"You racist ass old ass motherfucker," YG says, talking to the dummy. He then takes a step back and launches a mist of spit directly at the replica.

Later in the concert, the rapper invites people on stage to hit the pinata with bats while the crowd cheers with approval.

The Donald Trump pinata has become a regular at YG's performances. He first brought it out during a show back in September. Now that Trump will be running the country for four years, we might see it even more often.

YG's new Red Friday mixtape hit the 'Net on Thursday (Nov. 24) much to the chagrin of the Bompton MC who planned for the project to drop on Friday (Nov. 25). “WTF? Red Friday Leaked?” wrote YG on Twitter upon noticing the project was already out. “On Piru I hate DEF JAM. Always fukkin my shitt up.” Soon after, he tweeted simply, “FUCK DEF JAM.”

YG is selling physical copies of the mixtape for $100 a pop.

Hip-Hop Reacts to Donald Trump Getting Elected President

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