Update (May 12, 7:03 p.m. EST):

YG just dropped the uncut version of this video featuring plenty of topless ladies. Peep it below.

Original Story:

For a song called "Pop, Shake It," all YG would've had to do is take a trip to the local Compton, Calif. strip club to make a damn solid music video. Instead, he got a good deal more extravagant and filmed the visual for his DJ Mustard reunion single at this year's Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. If YG and DJ Mustard were looking to celebrate their reunion single, they definitely picked the perfect place to do it.

The new visual sees YG cruise the streets for an incredibly vibrant festival, where the sun shines brightly and thick women abound. And trust us when we tell you, these women are thick. The question is, are they locals, or simply video girls from the U.S.? The answer probably doesn't matter.

What does is the beautiful costumes highlighting the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival and the bits and pieces of the culture we get to see. It's an interesting juxtaposition to what's essentially the ultimate twerk anthem.

Throughout the vid, we either see YG and his friends getting twerked on or shots of beautiful women—likely locals—rocking colorful costumes with feathers and all the other trimmings of typical Carnival garb. It's all pretty dope. You can see the visual for yourself below. YG's Just Re'd Up 3 mixtape is set to drop later this year.

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