YG has always made it clear that he has a special relationship and close bond with his mother, and she seems to be the only one who can check him. Jimmy Kimmel Live! featured the West Coast rapper in a new segment last night (May 10), which had him and other celebrities reading text messages from their moms in honor of Mother's Day.

While Hollywood actors and actresses such as Anna Faris, Adam Scott, Tony Hale, Patton Oswalt and Anthony Anderson participated in the sketch, YG became an instant highlight due to the nature of his mom's text.

"So Keenon Daequan Ray Muthafuckin Jackson," he reads from the message. "I want this 100K car for my 50th. I'm your mom."

To make matters even funnier, YG's mother, Shonee Jackson, shows up in person to confront her son over the messages, reiterating that she wants him to buy her the car of her dreams. While he is caught off guard and visibly vexed, the "Suu Whoop" entertainer tells her that she's "fucking up" her chances of getting the vehicle she wants.

"Man, you keep fucking up cause you keep...like you saying too much!"

Fortunately, the confrontation wasn't too serious, as Jackson appeared to be smiling and laughing throughout her cameo with her son.

This isn't the first time that YG has gotten involved in her son's spotlight, as she was featured in the California rapper's "Proud" music video, along with the mothers of 2 Chainz and Offset.

Watch the hilarious segment featuring YG and his mom in the video below.

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